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We have recently restructured some of our portfolio using Tina. Despite our overall situation being complex, the process was very smooth and easy and the approval was achieved very quickly. Her vast experience undoubtedly assisted with this. We would have no hesitation in recommending Tina and we will certainly be using her and her company again.

Louise Wind for Wind Family Trust
Tina Webb of Homelink was introduced to me at a property seminar in 2002. She has since very skilfully guided me through various mortgage transaction enabling me to develop a successful property portfolio. She has always been easily contacted, willing to answer questions and queries, and through her regular newsletters has kept me informed of all the latest developments. I have been impressed by her extensive knowledge and integrity. Her recommendations have not always been to her financial benefit but have certainly been to mine. Her assistance has been invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone requiring assistance to obtain a mortgage. I will certainly continue to take advantage of her skills.

Anne Welch
I met Tina through her talks at the Global Business Ideas Courses and approached her when we needed some finance and have used her services for various aspects of our family since then. We needed finance for my mother but didn't want to go through the reverse mortgage process but Tina found a way to set up a revolving credit for her. We had problems with one mortgage insurance lender in regard to one purchase but Tina and her team at Homelink pulled out all the stops to keep common sense prevailing during this horribly extended mortgage application. Other mortgages have been plain sailing. We have really appreciated having a team with such a great knowledge of products, solutions and sense of humour to get us through some of these situations. I can recommend Homelink to everyone.

Tina Webb of Homelink has arranged numerous loans for me over the past 4 years. I changed to Homelink when my last broker told me I was unable to get any more money to further expand my property portfolio. Tina is fantastic to deal with and has been able to secure some great deals for me. She always goes the extra distance and is constantly looking outside the square for alternatives to ensure I get the best deal. Tina is my first choice for a broker and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for money

Helen Macky
The Homelink team have been a real strength in supporting me to build my property portfolio and build my confidence in the reality that I am making the correct business decisions to support me for my retirement. I am new to real estate investment and HomeLink has been the key for me to put pen to paper and take action. Walk the talk, that's what its all about. The wide scope of the Homelink team and experience is outstanding with unlimited support and professional advice always thoroughly explained. The team is genuinely interested in getting the best deal possible for you and excited about the opportunities you are creating for the future. I am personally thankful for finding the Homelink team as they are the experts that have made a huge difference to me and my future. Simply awesome!

Tracey Sonic Enterprises Ltd
Homelink are an important member of our investment team. Securing financing for our investment properties with Homelink has been everything we could ask for. They are professional, thorough and have worked to get us the best financing depending on the requirement.

James Flocchini