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Great! You’ve decided to buy your first home.

Generally there are lots of questions, such as:

What do I do first? What sort of house can I afford? How do I get the money to buy the house once I find one? How do I know which bank will be best?

Buying your first home is easily your biggest financial commitment and it can be very stressful, keeping you awake, wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

We help people like yourself, get the right finance for your individual situation, it’s what we are about. Our business revolves around making sure we get it right for you regardless where you live in New Zealand. We can help, we’re only a phone call away

The first Step is to obtain a Pre approval

However, the biggest risks are easily summarised

Buying a property with building defects
It pays to get a property inspection done by a reputable builder or a company that specialises in this so that you know exactly the condition the house you are buying is in.
Zoning or title issues
Your solicitor will ask you to get a LIM report which will give you all the legal details of the land the property is on. They will also check the title to make sure there are no encumbrances e.g.
Getting the right mortgage structure (it’s not just about the interest rate!)
This is where Homelink Finance comes in. You need a team to help you through the whole home buying process, to have some back up when you have questions. You want to make sure you control your mortgage and not the other way around!