Recreating your financial position after a divorce

  It happens so often where a couple who have worked hard to establish themselves in a strong financial position, end up getting divorced. What looked like a bright future financially has suddenly been halved. Often there is more of a financial strain on either party in needing to support the previous partner. Where to […]

How does money work?

We have all heard that as New Zealander’s we need to learn to save more rather than spend. Impulse buying is quick and easy but finding that money to pay for essentials, once it has been spent is not always as easy. Years ago when my family was young, I discovered that we managed financially […]

Its about the words we use

Great video clip illustrating the power of words, in this case written. Nothing needs to be explained; just watch and appreciate. Its about the words we use

The Butterfly effect

The Butterfly Effect by Ron White It was 1960 and meteorologist Edward Lorenz was working in his lab. He was entering data into his computer in the hope of modeling weather patterns when he stumbled upon a theory that is known as “The Butterfly Effect.” He was entering wind speed, air pressure and temperature into […]

6 levels in mindset to achieve great success

There are 6 levels that all need to be congruent with each other to be truly successful in all parts of your life. 1. Environment Have a good look at your environment- what does this have to do with success? If you surround yourself with a bunch of broke people what will you get? Broke […]

10 Steps to getting out of the rat race forever

Step 1: Assess where you are today It’s not possible to get where you want to be unless you know where you are today! Sit down with your paychecks and your bills and get an honest assessment of how much money is coming in and what’s going out on a monthly basis. Do you have […]

what kind of entrepreneur are you? Rebel v Visionary

The old kind of Entrepreneur is someone who has the following attributes  •    Rebel •    Dream driven •    Thinks on their feet •    Creates a business •    Risk taker •    Success driven •    Lone Ranger •    Incomplete •    Low Self-image •    Controls people An Authentic Entrepreneur has the following differences  •    Visionary •    Dream attracted […]

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