Creating passive income toward Retirement

  The current Super Annuation payment is nothing flash and does not give the majority of us the lifestyle choices that we would like and are used to. Many more retirees are now ‘choosing’ to work longer and take on extra jobs because of financial pressures. Those in their 60’s are getting used to the […]

How do I find a suitable property?

The one basic ‘non-negotiable’ skill you must develop to successfully find great property is to know a good deal when you do find it. Most people, don’t understand the power of research and the need for some effort and efficient action to succeed in investing. Second to negotiating skills is getting to know an area […]

24 Ways to find motivated sellers

  Here are 24 ways of many more. 1. Place a newspaper ad (major daily) 2. Place an advert on Trade me. 3. Bandit signs 4. Drive neighborhoods looking for vacant houses 5. Call private sale adverts 6. Talk to local real estate agents about expired listings 7. Contact landlords who are evicting a tenant […]

6 things I wish I had known when I started investing in real estate

If you’d known then what you know now, what would you do differently? Here is a 6 part answer to this question which cuts to the core of the essential lessons of a lifetime of investing. 1. It’s never about the property! We get told that the most critical thing is about the condition and […]

5 Ways to add value to your property

Adding value to your property means that you will be able to apply to the bank to top up your mortgage which in turn creates a deposit to purchase another property. If you are not ready to purchase then the extra funds can sit in a revolving credit facility so that there is no cost […]

Looking for good properties to buy?

Finding it hard to find well priced property for residential investment ? By the time a property is advertised in the local paper or on TradeMe the real estate agents have already contacted their repeat customers like major investors and property finders Often these people are given more properties than they can buy themselves and […]

Gazumped in New Zealand?

  Buying Mortgagee sale properties? A clause being put in by solicitors and banks on various agreements reads as follows “If before the settlement of this agreement is effected, the vendor receives a written offer to purchase the property on terms considered by the vendor to be no less favourable than those specified in this […]

The Real Housing Market Story

Rodney Dickens (Managing Director and Chief Research Officer) Strategic Risk Analysis Ltd has written a booklet to improve the economic leteracy among investors and would be home buyers. Despite housing being the single largest component of household wealth there is a lack of quality analysis of housing market prospects both nationally and at the district […]

10 Mistakes often made by Property investors

1. Having all mortgages and security properties with one lender. 2. Having both your Family home (whether in trust or personal name) and rentals with the same bank. 3. Mixing salaried cashflow with tax deductible debt in a revolving credit account. 4. Paying principal and interest on tax deductible debt e.g. on rental property, while […]

Sunset Clause

If you are actively looking for properties to purchase as investment and want to make multiple offers rather than waiting for individual offers to be accepted then it is advisable to us a sunset clause. A sunset clause is a short statement that you include in the contract that specifies that your offer will lapse […]

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